Behaviour Change Activities (BCA)

The so-called Behaviour Change Activities (BCA) are activities targeting African diaspora communities from countries with a high FGM prevalence rate. These activities are organised by the CHANGE Agents and aim at raising awareness, changing attitudes and promoting behaviour change towards the abandonment of FGM in practising communities. Every CHANGE Agent is free to decide on the type of activity she or he wants to implement. They can organise film screenings and panel discussions to raise awareness among a bigger group of persons, or initiate more intimate discussions within specific groups, e.g. young mothers or religious leaders.

However, the project partners will support the CHANGE Agents at all times: When they are first designing and planning the activities, while they are implementing and finally evaluating them.

To get a clearer idea of what a BCA might look like, check out previous CHANGE Agents’ reports.

SABOU Women’s meeting in the Guinean community in Berlin: TDF CHANGE agent Tiranke Diallo raises awareness for FGM

Within the CHANGE Plus project, which is co-funded by the EU, our CHANGE agent Tiranke Diallo conducted her first community activity with Guinean women in June in Berlin.

The women meet regularly once a month to exchange their opinions about different topics. They especially talk about news from their home country, but also about life in germany, activities, families and more in an intimate atmosphere. After Tiranke made contact to get to know the women better, she was able to carry out her first activity.

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Behaviour Change Activities in the Cameroonian community

On Sunday, 4th of June 2017, CHANGE agent Colette Tchombou organized her second „behaviour change activity“ with the men of a Cameroonian community association. Her first activity took place on 21st of May.

As the other five CHANGE agents from Berlin, Colette last year took part in trainings regarding FGM in general, ist consequences and risks. She is now implmenting this knowledge in her community in Berlin to sensitize as many people as possible and to finally end FGM.

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CHANGE Agent Evariste Kapnang Tchaptchet sensitizes in Refugee Camp against Female Genital Mutilation

Photo: © TERRE DES FEMMESPhoto: © TERRE DES FEMMESOn Saturday, the 13th of May 2017, our CHANGE Agent Evariste Franz Kapnang Tchaptchet from Cameroon organized a behaviour change activity in the refugee camp in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

In order to get in contact with the refugees living in the camp, Evariste organized an afternoon barbecue event. The sunny weather and the invitation for a joint meal attracted many men and women. With the support of his wife Tiranke Diallo and her brother Souleymane Diallo from Guinea, Evarista sensitized and raised awareness about Female Genital Mutilation and its severe consequences and implications.

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Review of the Behaviour Change Activities in migrant communities in Paris

Photo: © EquipopPhoto: © EquipopIn France, the Change Plus project is developing. The CHANGE Agents are on the ground since february 2017 for the phase of behaviour change activities. So far, we have had six of them in Paris and in the suburbs of Paris. The activities have taken various forms : movie debate, discussions, messages for social media communication. They adressed adults and youngsters from Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea which are FGM practising countries.

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