CHANGE: Editorial Meeting in Berlin July 17th and 18th, 2014

CHANGE Project Partner. Foto © TERRE DES FEMMESCHANGE Project Partner. Foto © TERRE DES FEMMESOn July 17th and 18th, 2014, CHANGE partners met at TERRE DES FEMMES’ office in Berlin to discuss the status of Behaviour Change Activities carried out by the Change Agents in all partner countries, the upcoming Europe-wide Training Curriculum, and the final CHANGE Conference, which takes place on January 28th 2015 in Berlin.

The meeting started with an update on implemented project activities. Subsequently, partners reported from their monthly exchange meetings with the Change Agent groups and about the activities, the Change Agents have carried out in their communities so far.

Similarities and differences between the communities could be identified by analysing the impact of the first activities conducted by Change Agents, e.g. in most of the CHANGE partner countries, Somali and Sudanese communities have been rather open to Change Agents’ activities and were already familiar with discussions about FGM, while approaching Ethiopian or Eritrean communities about the issue posed a bigger challenge as these communities are rather unaccustomed to open talks about FGM.  

Moreover, Linda Ederberg, Project Coordinator at TERRE DES FEMMES, presented a methodological framework to conceptualise „Change“ and introduced different elements of how changes in knowledge, attitude and practice can be determined and were achieved through the training programme for Change Agents. The finalised model will be incorporated into the upcoming Training Manual.
Jonna-Lena Seemann, Project Assistant, then presented the draft Text of the Training Manual The text and layout have been discussed with partners and all agreed on a timeline for completion of the Training Manual (please see presentation below).

The second day of the meeting started with a presentation on the Final Reporting requirements for all CHANGE partners. Linda Ederberg introduced the Project managment guide (pdf-file) published by the European Commission DG Justice and repeated the details for appropriate reporting of staff costs, travel cost and other cost items under the CHANGE project.

The rest of the day was reserved for the discussion of the concept, programme and invitation list for the final CHANGE Conference, which will take place on January 28th  2015 in Berlin. More information will follow soon!

The meeting concluded with an outlook of the CHANGE project and the way forward toward.

Moreover, the Germany media (RBB and DW) took the opportunity to interview Change partners on the second day of our meeting.

Media coverage by Deutsche Welle (TV, Radio and OL):