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The project contributes to the prevention of violence against children and women linked to harmful practices. The project is based on a general concept of behaviour change towards ending FGM developed during the Daphne funded project REPLACE FGM. The REPLACE cyclic model of behavioural change takes into account that FGM is embedded in a complex series of behaviours - related to themes such as terminology, religious beliefs, communication, choice and consent. It comprises four elements: Motivating people, identifying actions to implement motivation, taking the identified actions and maintaining the actions. The CHANGE project’s objective is to develop, implement and disseminate a highly innovative behaviour change approach.

It especially aims at:

  • Enabling practising communities across the EU to advocate for the abandonment of FGM.
  • Reversing the social pressure from continuation to abandonment of FGM in practising communities.
  • Promoting behaviour change in practising communities
  • Reversing the stigmatisation of uncircumcised girls.

To achieve these aims, all project partners selected around 50 CHANGE Agents as multipliers to promote behaviour change within practising communities.


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