CHANGE Agents in Germany

Abdoul Rahim Omar OUÉDRAOGO, was born 1994 in Burkina Faso and moved to Germany in 2010. He is volunteering as a health ambassador at the AIDS-Hilfe in Hamburg. He is also a member of ABED and participates in different information sessions, including FGM. Due to the tabooing of FGM in his country, Abdoul joined already in Burkina Faso a project called “Komki-Ipala”, which campaigned against FGM. Now Abdoul sees his chance to keep being active towards FGM by being our Change Agent.

Adele Napegemsom TOUGRI was born in 1977, comes from Burkina Faso and came to Germany in 2002. She is a very active member within her community and organizes regularl meetings for women in the “Association des Femmes Africaines”. Adele wants to be our Change Agent to raise the awareness on FGM and eradicate this “archaic tradition”.

Alimatou JALLOW-DEMBA, born in 1981, comes from Gambia and moved to Germany in 2005. She is an export merchant and volunteers within her community in her free time by organising group discussions including on the subject of FGM. She also runs a conflict management group for solving problems in the communities. Alimantou wants to raise more awareness on FGM, as she believes that communities have to discuss that subject to evoke real behaviour change.

Aminata DOUMBOUYA was born in Hamburg in 1995, but her parents came from Guinea to Germany years ago. She is an active member in the “Young Women’s Community” and also an organiser at Lessan e.V. aiming at sensitising the younger generation about FGM.

Armand AWO is from Benin. He is an active member of the Benin Association and responsible for their public relations. He is one of the founders of Lessan e.V. and supports their work as a health ambassador.

Ba Aminata TAMBADOU was born in Mauritania, but has been living in Germany since 1985. She is a member of the Women’s Association “Balimaya Ton Hamburg”, has been their president for several years and now counsels members on different issues. 

Diouf MAMADOU comes from Senegal. He coordinates events of the Senegalese Association in Hamburg and is an active organiser at Lessan e.V. He is very keen to engage his community in abandoning FGM.

Fata KANAKOMO was born in Mali in 1971 and lives in Germany since 2001. Right now Fata and eight other Malian women try to develop their own association. Before that, she worked already from 1996 till 1999 for Plan International in Mali where she had the opportunity to work on the issue FGM. Based on her previous work, Fata is experienced in the field of FGM. She wants to contribute her knowledge to our project and promote behaviour change in her community. She is highly motivated to succeed in this different task by being our Change Agent.

Fatoumata TRAORÉ, born 1965 in Mali, came to Germany in 1994. She is a geriatric nurse in Hamburg. Together with Fata KANAKOMO and seven other Malian women she tries to develop her own women’s association. She wants to learn more about FGM to improve and deepen her knowledge to raise awareness, but especially to achieve behaviour change within her community.

Marie Christine HANNE, born 1960 in Mali, Marie moved to Germany over 30 years ago. Marie is very involved with her fellow countrymen and is the president of the women’s association “Balimaya Ton Hamburg”. She wants to participate in this program because “I want to help my fellow countrymen. We have got to help ourselves. Wrong education and bad cultural beliefs are endangering our children in Africa. I want to help to achieve that behaviour change rather sooner than later.”

Mouniratou TOURE, born 1970 in the North of Benin, lives in Germany since 2008. She is active within her community through the association DENDI MERFO e.V. and helps women in her community to solve different problems, which occur in their everyday life. As FGM is still a big issue in her home country, Mouniratou wants to raise the community’s awareness for FGM and act as a Change Agent for us.

Ndeye ROHAYA FALL was born 1987 in Senegal and moved to Germany in 2010. She is an active member of Lessan e.V. in Hamburg. Due to her work in different communities Ndeye has excellent community skills and is able to link between different African communities simultaneously and bring them in contact and promote behaviour change. With that benefit she wants to contribute to our project and become a Change Agent.

Landry ATAKORA-KPELOU was born in 1978 in Togo and moved to Germany in 2003. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Bremen and continued with a Master’s Degree in Social Politics with a focus on Work and Social Security. He has been an intern at UNICEF and AQtivus Hamburg and still continues to volunteer in his free time for non-governmental organizations like the PIEK (Pro integration and development cooperation). Within the organizations Landry is a member of, the subject of FGM has always played an important role. That’s why he wants to contribute with his knowledge to our CHANGE project, promote behavior change and push the development and integration of African people in Germany.

Zouhedou MOROU was born in Benin in 1981 and grew up in Togo. He moved to Germany in 1999. He is very active within his community and acts in the DENDI MERFO e.V., which helps to develop Benin’s economical, social and educational situation by providing scholarships or building water pipes. Zouhedous’ task is to coordinate the financial issues. Zouhedou sees similarities in his work and the aim of CHANGE: to help people. FGM is for him a terrible tradition and should be eradicated. That’s why he wants to be a Change Agent and support our project.