CHANGE Agents in United Kingdom

Krishna Pujara

Born and raised in Tanzania, Krishna manages a Woman Organisation that seeks to empower women to make informed choices. She also chairs the Domestic Violence Forum in Enfield. Krishna has a great experience on the topic of FGM and wants to promote for Behaviour Change.

Krishna is associated with the Lions Club International (link) to raise funds for disadvantaged. Through this project, she is firmly convinced to be able to raise awareness on the impact of FGM in the community.

Marso Abdi     

Marso Abdi comes originally from Somalia. She works within her community as a FGM advocate for Manor Gardens Health Advocacy. She goes and speaks to different Somali women groups alongside a specialist midwife about the health and social implications of FGM. Marso is already well experienced in the field of FGM and is much involved in her community and tries to promote Behaviour Change..

Hodan Abdi        

Hodan was born in Somalia. She works as a group facilitator in London she also supports a children’s centre and participates in community work with the Somali community in London.

Joyce Mulera Habaasa 

Joyce Mulera Habaasa was born in Uganda and now lives in the UK.

Mahasin El-Hasan  

Mahasin was born in Sudan. She is working as a Librarian and volunteers in her community by filling forms, interpreting or making necessary phone calls.

Huda Al Amin   

Huda Al Amin comes from Sudan and came to the UK as a refugee. With her 14 years work experience and a dissertation on “Repression on the Sexuality and Impact among Sudanese women”, is Huda a high-skilled, experienced woman in the field of FGM. Nowadays Huda is employed as a development manager at the Mosaada Centre for Single Women. Through her work Huda is already an active member of her Sudanese community. For Huda, being a Change Agent has also a very personal concern. “I believe I will be a good person to encourage behaviour change about the long impact of FGM”.

Hussein Hassan

Hussein Hassan was born in Somalia. He is a community worker. Hussein wants to bring peace to Somalia that includes also ending the practice of FGM.

Solomon Zewolde

Solomon Zewolde grew up in Ethiopia. He has a Master Degree and is working as a teacher at Barnet Refugee Service

Boi-Neneh Charles

Boi-Neneh Charles comes from Sierra Leone. She holds a Master Degree and works as a Public Health Specialist.

Jabril Abdirahman

Amram Mohammed Ahmed

Sarian Kamara