CHANGE Training Manual online for download

cover implementing changeWithin the framework of our CHANGE pilot Project, we have developed a training manual, aiming to facilitate future projects of this kind with know-how and expertise on how to tackle and handle recurring problems and issues. This manual serves as an input for facilitators and offers insights and ideas on workshops and behavioural patterns. It has been produced for future CHANGE facilitators to train multipliers (CHANGE Agents) promoting behaviour changes in FGM practicing communities across the European Union.

The CHANGE training manual merges several approaches and is based on Participatory Action Research. Guidelines and detailed information help CHANGE participants to position themselves towards the topic and in difficult situations and stresses some crucial facts. An additional concern is to ensure the well-being of the CHANGE agents by preparing for the tasks and giving advice on who to turn to in times of stress and complications.

The manual is divided into three parts, the first one being an overview and introduction of the CHANGE pilot project and the different groups of persons crucial for the successful implementation of such a project (i.e. trainers, CHANGE Agents, key-professionals). The second part consists of 13 modules, containing the basic information on how to shape workshops and trainings, which topics to deal with and which exercises to employ in order to form a confident and progressing team. The third and last part holds further information on content and exercises and provides information for further reading material on FGM. Also, it shortly introduces CHANGE’s partner organisations and other organisation involved in the fight against FGM across the European Union.

The development of this training manual is a joint effort of all CHANGE project partners.

We hope the CHANGE training manual will be a good groundwork for the future fight against FGM.