CHANGE Project Continues Engagement to Combat FGM in the EU

The European Commission has already funded several EU-wide projects under the framework of the END FGM network. The latest project CHANGE Plus has even turned out to be a big progress within the EU since cooperating partners and participating diasporas established more efficient and effective strategies to overcome female genital mutilation (FGM) in the European Union. However, the fight against FGM does not end with the final implementation of CHANGE Plus. In fact, engaging in the prevention of this harmful practice requires long-term commitment and constant effort to manifest and strengthen previous work.

With that in mind, TERRE DES FEMMES is very happy to inform you of the Commission’s positive response to co-fund another joint project in order to continue working with CHANGE Agents in various EU countries. Since the former CHANGE Plus project has successfully ended in January 15 of this year, TDF is already occupied with the coordination of the next project called Let’s CHANGE.

Different from the predecessor, Let’s CHANGE comes with several innovative ideas that will enhance the outreach of our work. For instance, there will be some changes regarding the recruitment of CHANGE Agents: Apart from our experienced cooperation with African diaspora communities, we invite members from other migrant communities, like Indonesia, Iraq or Afghanistan, to participate in our project. In addition to that, the implementation of the project will be joined by three partner organisations namely Plan International in Hamburg (Germany), FSAN in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Paris-based Equipop (France). The partnership’s aim is not only to raise awareness about FGM on an international level, but also implement concrete actions against it by working intensively with affected communities.

The project’s first Kick-off meeting is in October 2018. From then on, Let’s CHANGE will last for two years, providing enough time to train new facilitators and to implement sustainable activities. Check the TDF homepage for current news on this topic!