Exchange Meeting with the TDF multipliers to end female genital mutilation

On Saturday, 8th of July 2017, the Berlin CHANGE Agents of the EU-wide CHANGE Plus project to end female genital mutilation (FGM) met for their 6th exchange meeting. This meeting was organized by CHANGE agent Tiranke Diallo. TERRE DES FEMMES experts Dr. Idah Nabateregga and Charlotte Weil spoke of general current developments of FGM and the CHANGE Plus project.

Furthermore, the CHANGE agents talked about their recent experiences at the activities, to discuss different experiences and develop mutual solutions for the challenges in their work with the communities. Since the CHANGE Plus project is going to end soon, the CHANGE Agents wish for an extension of the project. They see a great potential and a lot of opportunities to apply their knowledge to reach even more people from the communities as well as different professional groups. A solid demant of the communities is the sustainable development of the project, in terms of, for example, the development of a concret contact point for multipliers and communities to be better able to carry out and evlauate activities.

TERRE DES FEMMES appreciates the work of the mutipliers a lot and thanks all CHANGE Agents for their dedication!