CHANGE Agent Evariste Kapnang Tchaptchet sensitizes in Refugee Camp against Female Genital Mutilation

Photo: © TERRE DES FEMMESPhoto: © TERRE DES FEMMESOn Saturday, the 13th of May 2017, our CHANGE Agent Evariste Franz Kapnang Tchaptchet from Cameroon organized a behaviour change activity in the refugee camp in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

In order to get in contact with the refugees living in the camp, Evariste organized an afternoon barbecue event. The sunny weather and the invitation for a joint meal attracted many men and women. With the support of his wife Tiranke Diallo and her brother Souleymane Diallo from Guinea, Evarista sensitized and raised awareness about Female Genital Mutilation and its severe consequences and implications.

Dr. Ida Nabateregga from TERRE DES FEMMES was also present at the behaviour change activity and able to talk to social workers in the refugee camp about the professional dealing with women affected with FGM. Furthermore, she presented TERRE DES FEMMES and the activities on FGM as well and distributed our information brochure “We want to protect our girls”, which is available in Arabic, Tigrinya, Somali, Kiswahili, English, French and German.

It is of utmost importance to raise awareness about FGM in refugee camps, even though the topic is not central to many refugees since they have other issues such as dealing with their residence status, work and study permit etc. However, we think the problem of FGM and its clarification is crucial in the integration process of many newly arriving migrants and refugees. In order to successfully provide and guarantee support for girls and women who are endangered or had undergone FGM, protection measures and advisory centres have to be available and communicated. Many newly arriving refugees are hard to reach since they prefer to be around community members rather than exposed directly to the new society. Thus, it is difficult to learn and know about existing and available resources and offers.

This event on FGM is the second one of our CHANGE Plus Agent Evariste. His first activity took place on the 29th of April, where mainly men and a few women had a lively discussion on FGM.

We thank Evariste for his effort and engagement to sensitize communities about FGM and its implications in order to ensure a long lasting behaviour change within various communities.

May 2017