CHANGE Plus project launches into next phase: first exchange and activity meetings have taken place

On January 11, 2017, the first exchange meeting between the Agents of the CHANGE Plus project took place. The first phase of the project, during which the CHANGE Agents were trained to conduct awareness-raising work in their communities, has been completed in December 2016. Now, the project launches into its next phase. During the next months, each of the CHANGE Agents will carry out three activities in his or her community in order to educate the community members about different dimensions of female genital mutilation. These activities will be accompanied by ten exchange meetings, during which the Agents can exchange experiences with each other and thus learn from each other, but also receive ongoing support from the project trainers.

For TERRE DES FEMMES’ first exchange meeting on January 11, an instruction session about dealings with the press was scheduled with media expert and head of TDF´s public relations and press department, Marion Brucker. Marion provided valuable advice for the Change Agents: on how to deal with the press in general as well as on how to present their activities towards it.

The CHANGE Agents had many questions on the subject: for instance, how to make sure that information shared with the press gets displayed correctly. Marion answered all of the Agents questions in detail and gave many examples for a better understanding. Marion also shared some important advice on how to behave in front of a camera, which undoubtedly will be a great help for the Agents during interviews.