New Prevention Brochure for Key Professionals is Now Available!

CHANGE Brochures in 7 languagesWithin the CHANGE Plus project, the brochure “Responding to Female Genital Mutilation: A Guide for Key Professionals”, developed within the previous CHANGE project, has been updated and translated in three new languages: French, Italian and Portuguese. The Dutch and the German brochure have been reprinted for further dissemination and awareness raising. In addition, a EU-wide version of the brochure has been developed with an additional part on EU legislation and strategies.

The prevention brochure is designed as a practical tool for frontline professionals in contact with people from FGM practicing communities. It provides specific legal and contextual information as well as a selection of appropriate behavior toward girls and women at risk or having already undergone FGM. Furthermore it shows the responsibilities of key-professionals and highlights strategies to protect girls at risk and help abandoning FGM.

All partners of the CHANGE Plus program teamed-up to develop the new brochure, which is now available as PDF files in English, French, Portuguese and Italian, as well as in Swedish, Dutch and German.